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Horacio Larreta, the chief of the federal government of Buenos Aires, stated that the city will accept cryptocurrencies for tax payments. The statement belongs to the city of Buenos Aires’ digitization method. The effort from Argentina’s capital will reinforce ties in between the city and its people.

Horacio Rodrguez Larreta, the head of the city administration, confirmed this throughout a Zoom discussion. He stated,

” The Buenos Aires federal government chose, to name a few things, to execute the payment of taxes with cryptocurrencies. “

During the almost two-year epidemic, Larreta’s federal government depended upon a digital ally to fight the health crisis: Boti, the City’s WhatsApp chatbot, was vital to the whole operation, addressing concerns relating to vaccine shifts, swabs, and far more.

The GCBA connected to people in a level that had actually never ever been seen prior to through this path. The City’s experience was even applauded as an ingenious design by the company handled by Mark Zuckerberg. Not just that, however this program likewise permits you to arrange medical consultations, recognize authorised parking locations, and screen traffic congestion, to name a few things.

This tends to be connected with the Larreta federal government’s whole digitization procedure. The Secretariat of Innovation and Digital Transformation is among the main gamers in this regard.

Buenos Aires+ strategy

The futuristic “Buenos Aires+” idea plans to bridge the space in between residents and the city, bringing them more detailed together. About blockchain, Diego Fernandez, Secretary of Digital Transformation and Innovation stated:

” I think that blockchain innovation will provide the federal government the possibility of making all its acts more transparent and motivate the involvement of people in a much deeper method”

One of the Secretariat’s essential objectives is to develop a “digital identity” platform based upon the open-source X-Road platform and powered by blockchain innovation in order to increase openness and offer much better services to citizens.

Three levels to reach the primary goal, according to Fernandez,

  • Digitize the treatments
  • Government just eleven
  • Interoperable

However, the federal government’s numerous adjustments and innovations will move gradually initially, however locals will ultimately capture up. In March, Rio de Janeiro proposed a comparable method, recommending that cryptocurrency be accepted for tax payments

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