Mercury Wallet Review: Bitcoin wallet with Layer 2 scaling and enhanced personal privacy


This wallet utilizes statechains to increase the enhance scalability and personal privacy of Bitcoin deals.

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Mercury Wallet Review: Bitcoin wallet with Layer 2 scaling and improved privacy

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It is typically thought that Bitcoin is among the most personal techniques to send out cash which payments are hidden someplace in the blockchain. The truth is that utilizing Bitcoin to make a payment is the most noticeable technique to do so. Unlike a standard bank, where your information is personal, every Bitcoin deal is taped in the blockchain, a public journal.

Mercury Wallet is among the most current Bitcoin wallets. It utilizes the idea of statechains and is based upon the brand-new Bitcoin layer-2 scaling innovation.

As an outcome, the wallet might accept BTC deposits (UTXOs) without sustaining any deal costs. Due to the fact that the cashes are securely moved in between owners without the requirement for an on-chain deal.

As a repercussion, as the owner, you will have the ability to rapidly move total custody of a Bitcoin total up to any person. This enhances personal privacy and gets rid of miner expenses.

Mercury wallet uses the unspent deal output ( UTXO) design, which is the underlying product that develops worth and ownership in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin. A deal ID, or TxID, and an output index number, or n, are utilized to recognize the UTXO.

The wallet likewise utilizes a brand-new innovation called statechains, a Layer 2 scaling service for Bitcoin. Statechains are cryptographic structures comprised of a series of digital signatures that pass ownership of a statecoin from one owner to the next. Statechains, like the blockchain, can not be customized or modified, and it functions as proof that the statecoin has actually not been utilized two times.

Statechains as a Layer 2 alternative scaling service for Bitcoin

The main objective of statechains is scalability. Users might utilize the Mercury Wallet to gain access to this layer. Users might produce statechains and carry out statechain deals here.

Let’s take a more detailed take a look at statechains, the architecture that permits these brand-new personal deals. The quantity of area readily available for Bitcoin deals on the blockchain is rather limited. If bitcoin lovers desire digital cash to be readily available to as many individuals as possible, they need to discover a method to prevent this limitation.

mercury wallet statecoins
Statecoins belong to the Statechain architecture

The Lightning network is the most extensively utilized strategy for scaling Bitcoin deals at the minute. Lightning permits users to carry out safe deals without utilizing any block area, leading to quicker and less expensive deals. Statechains are comparable in this regard.

Statechains, like the Lightning network, depend on multi-signature deals, which require lots of users to approve a deal prior to it can be carried out. When it comes to statechains, 2 out of every 2 personal secrets should sign off. The user has one secret, while the statechain service provider has another.

To move money, the user simply transfers the receiver the personal secret. Sending your personal secret to somebody is usually a formula for having all of your cash taken. The statechain supplier is planned to have the user’s back and avoid this from taking place.

Let’s compare and contrast the Lightning network with statechains given that the Lightning network is more widely known.

Users of the Statechain do not need to fret about routing or liquidity problems as Lightning users do. The personal secret is quickly moved to another owner utilizing statechains.

Unlike Lightning, there’s no requirement for a payment to cross a network, for that reason there’s no opportunity of the deal stopping working if among the network’s hops is brief on money. Smart brand-new innovations have actually sprung up in the hopes of making this problem more manageable, liquidity is possibly the most significant trouble Lightning users deal with today. Direct statechain deals are for that reason more suitable for larger payments when routing may be tough.

Privacy through off-chain deals, Bitcoin swaps and personal crucial swaps

Mercury Wallet lets users send out and get off-chain deals, along with exchange their Bitcoin deal history with other Mercury users by switching personal secrets. The goal is to offer a method for users to perform Bitcoin deals with the exact same quantity of personal privacy that you would have with a money deal.

You can use switching to increase your personal privacy because the wallet permits you to switch statecoins with other confidential users utilizing a blinded swap system. To switch with other Mercury users, you should initially verify that they want to trade the very same quantity of Bitcoin as you. Mercury has actually designed the idea of a state coin to resolve this concern. Like a real coin or note, it saves a specific quantity of cash.

All you need to do is sign up with a swap group through the Mercury swap conductor for the mercury wallet to instantly carry out swaps with other confidential users. In addition, the Mercury wallet offers info on the personal privacy status of each statecoin kept in the wallet.

To sign up with a swap group, go to the wallet’s control panel and click the Swap button, then Join Group to switch statecoins with other Mercury wallet users.

mercury swap - join group.
Click “Join Group” to switch statecoins with other Mercury users

Another technique is to click vehicle swap on the coin and this will continuously keep going into the coin in swaps till either you leave the wallet or you click Leave Group.

mercury auto swap
You can immediately enter your statecoins into swaps with the vehicle swap function.

Mercury wallet utilizes an extremely simple system to move statecoins from one owner to another. The statecoin receiver initially develops a statecoin address utilizing a Bech32 encoded public secret with a SC prefix.

The sender should input the address into their wallet, which then deals with the Mercury server to develop an encrypted transfer message.

A signed backup deal and a blinded crucial transfer worth are consisted of in the transfer message. After the receiver validates the transfer message in their wallet, the server finishes the deal.

Also upgraded is the personal essential sharing. As an outcome, signing genuine deals with the server is restricted to the receiver’s brand-new personal essential share. The previous owner’s personal secrets are likewise rendered worthless.


Mercury Wallet utilizes an unique innovation to scale Bitcoin deals whilst likewise increasing personal privacy for its users. Off-chain deals and safe personal crucial swaps are a few of the functions that actually make this wallet stand apart.

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