Azuki NFT Founder Admits To 3 Failed Projects, Is This The End For Azuki?

A stunning discovery has actually stunned the NFT neighborhood. Azuki NFT creator simply confessed 3 stopped working NFT tasks prior to introducing the popular Azuki NFT collection. The creator exposed he was the individual behind CryptoPhunks, Tendies, and CryptoZunks– tasks that are presumably carpet pulls according to the Web3 investigator Zachxbt.

The picture shows an Azuki NFT posted by its founder on Twitter
The Azuki NFT creator deals with carpet pull after publishing about previous NFT tasks through a blog site. Credit: @ZAGABOND on Twitter

Azuki NFT Founder Revealed Failed NFT Projects

In a Twitter post, Azuki NFT Founder ZAGABOND.ETH (@ZAGABOND) published a link to a blog site entitled “A Builders Journey.” The caption states “Bull or bear, Azuki is developing towards the future of web3. We’re in it for the long term. Contractors require to experiment for Web3 to challenge Web2. Azuki is developed on knowings from producing Phunks & & other jobs. This taught me to lead, not follow”.

The blog site highlighted the creator’s history of developing NFTs, beginning with CryptoPhunks. According to it, Phunks is Larva Lab’s CryptoPunks. Its development is a “easy parody collection, which developed into a motion representing something much bigger in the NFT area”.

The creator stated the “task challenged the neighborhood to think of web3 copyright guidelines.” Larva Labs then provided a DMCA takedown demand on CryptoPhunks. This result in the collection being delisted and relisted a number of times on OpenSea.

The picture shows a portion of text from Azuki NFT founder's blog post
Azuki NFT was born after numerous unsuccessful jobs according to creator. Credit:

The next stopped working NFT job is Tendies, which the creator confesses “looked excessive like turds”. He stated the minting experience of Tendies was indicated to mimic purchasing chicken tenders at a lunch counter. With just 15% of the collection minted, the task likewise didn’t make it.

Lastly, CryptoZunks, which likewise concentrates on “minting experience” is the extension of the creator parodying Punks. In the blog site, he stated that the NFT collection was the “last 1000 Punks” that includes the never-been-seen Punk mixes.

However, the task passed away due to “constraints of the task due to gas expenses on Ethereum”. Staff member leaving, and the job’s detach with its neighborhood, was likewise factors noted by the creator for the task’s failure.

Azuki NFT Founders Accused of Rug Pulled Failed Projects?

While the blog site is most likely indicated to display the origin of Azuki NFT and the lessons the creator discovered through the NFT endeavors, it likewise captured the important and watchful eye of the NFT neighborhood. Twitter user and Web3 sleuth @zachxbt, made a thread implicating the Azuki’s creator of “rugging 3 jobs in less than a year”.

Zachxbt stated that CryptoPhunks, Tendies, and CryptoZunks are all carpet pulls. In the thread, he included posts of other Twitter users supporting his claim. @PaulOx’s tweet in August last year stated the “Zunk devs pretended to be females and have actually made over 2 million dollars utilizing that as a marketing tactic”.

The picture shows a tweet about the Azuki NFT founder rugpull issue and Tendies rug pull accusation
Was Tendies a carpet pull? Credit: @zachxbt oN Twitter

In addition, another screenshot of a post that states the Tendies creator stopped all activity and erased social networks and Discord server a month after launch.

Lastly, another post on how there was no handoff when the Phunk devs left while the creators got around 300 Eth.

The picture shows the issue on CryptoPhunks
Cryptophunks definitely didn’t end well, other than for its creator. Credit: zachxbt on Twitter

The Azuki NFT creator responded to zachxbt’s thread declaring they provided whatever they assured on the unsuccessful jobs. “There was no product-market fit at the end of the day, however that does not suggest it’s a carpet”, he stated. The neighborhood does not appear to be encouraged.

Azuki NFT has actually dealt with a number of problems and debates, however the creator now implicated of doing carpet pulls puts the NFT job in a precarious circumstance. Is this completion for Azuki NFT? We can just wait on how things will unfold.

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