Financiers furious after LUNA earnings got rid of following “problem” on Woo X Exchange


A group of 7 financiers declare that Woo X reversed successful LUNA trades of as much as $300 K due to a problem in the system

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Updated: May 24, 2022 at 10: 05 pm

Investors furious after LUNA profits removed following “glitch” on Woo X Exchange

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On May 22, CryptoSlate got many reports from Investors that Woo Exchange had actually reversed lots of trades and therefore erasing benefit from users’ accounts.

The events apparently occurred around May 16 throughout the UST de-peg occasion that had a massive correlated impact on the cost of LUNA. Traders within the group claim to have actually had up to $300,000 in earnings eliminated from their accounts, with some being entrusted unfavorable balances after eliminating LUNA tokens from the exchange.

The accusations originated from a number of financiers who had actually offered screenshots of their accounts prior to and after the occasion as evidence that the exchange eliminated their earnings. The listed below chart, made by among the financiers, reveals the rate of LUNA throughout a several-day duration with 6 wicks down listed below 0.00001

The commentary on the chart, likewise included by a financier, specifies that they do not think the down cost spikes were problems however rather a “big whale was disposing their position, which triggered the rate to change.”

woo x luna

We connected to Woo X straight and got the list below reply from Ben Yorke, VP of Marketing,

” The WOO X order book came across a mistake at around 10: 30 UTC, about half an hour after trading had actually resumed on LUNA/USDT. The problem led to a dislocation, with the token being traded at approximately 90% less than the marketplace rate on other locations.

In occasions like this, WOO X constantly looks for to secure the interests of users by making sure that system-related mistakes will not lead to incorrect losses. The rollback is a typical action in both CeFi and standard financing, safeguarding users who purchased or cost dislocated costs.

After a user saw the problem and published it on social networks, a little group of users made the most of the rate dislocation. They performed countless deals outside the regular market variety in a brief time frame leading to unanticipated gains and losses.

WOO X opened a complete examination, and interacted personally with afflicted users. At the conclusion, the users were granted with a 10% bug bounty.

As an outcome, no user experienced any monetary loss as an outcome of the dislocation. WOO X has actually considering that solved the problem that triggered the dislocation and executed more safeguards to guarantee that future events can be reduced.

Woo X declares that a problem was accountable for the down cost action triggering the cost to reveal “approximately 90% less than the marketplace rate on other places.” The TradingView chart listed below shows that LUNA/BUSD traded as low as 0.00000018 on May 13, showing an exceptionally unpredictable market.

Except for the couple of down wicks, the cost never ever reached anywhere near this rate on Woo X. Question can be raised regarding why the cost of LUNA on Woo X never ever reached the lows revealed on Binance.

LUNA binance
Source: TradingView

We connected to the financiers through Telegram and have actually talked to much of them straight over the past 48 hours. Upon checking out Yorke’s action, one financier commented,

” Woo’s story is incorrect … The chart reveals that the very first spikes down begun as early as the early morning of May16 After that a lot more spikes followed (at night of May 16).

They (Woo) are now pretending that they have actually acted really strongly. Something that Crypto.Com did, by the method, and after that said sorry. If certainly there was a problem. Why did they let traders trade for 2 days prior to they stopped trading the set Luna-USDT.”

A comparable occasion did certainly take place on soon after LUNA was relisted. Kris Marszalek, CEO of, took a various method mentioning,

We will likewise honor all Luna deals from the other day, consisting of those with rate problem ie. there will be no turnarounds.

Our group is dealing with the credits for users and it must be done within the hour.

Thank you for your perseverance as we resolve it

— Kris| (@kris) May 14, 2022

In reply to a concern comparing the Woo X reaction to that of, Yorke mentioned,

” Not acquainted with the size and the scope of occurrences on other exchanges, however looks like others might have made an advertisement hoc choice to restrict unfavorable PR.

At WOO X, we focus on consistency and fairness with rate execution, and as an outcome, users do not need to fret about the system carrying out mistakenly and triggering them losses.”

There appears to be little description for why these down wicks need to be thought about incorrect and how it is possible to keep constant rates throughout a black swan occasion such as the UST de-peg. Lots of exchanges suffered problems around liquidity and stopped trading throughout the occasion.

Woo X permitted users to trade on their platform and after that obviously reversed trades that supposedly did not match them. Woo X used all traders who benefited from stated deals a 10% bug bounty charge in reaction to the occurrence. Some accepted this, while others think they are due their funds completely. Concerning the bug bounty, one financier informed us,

” the steps taken by Woo are not regular in CEFI and standard financing, since they have actually taken 90 percent of the make money from the users who trusted them under the name we secure our users.

This is hypocritical. The users who traded on these chances were not knowledgeable about any damage. They traded legally.”

Further, another financier declares they have, in truth, sustained substantial losses from this occasion while refuting that they got on a Twitter trading idea,

” I was trading, saw the dips taking place right in front of my eyes, chose to put a liw order in and began trading.

Made rather some cash, and prior to I went to sleep i sent out 75% of that to my bank and purchased charm coins with the 25% left.

When i got up, account was locked. And after a day whatever was reversed. leaving me in a huge fat minus on the exchange balance.

As i currently invested rather a few of that cash to financial obligations due to 2 years of corona, i asked assistance for how long i can be in minus.”

The group, who appear really knowledgable in their understanding of trading, likewise gave our attention a case versus Quoine, which they think sets a precedent for their case.

One of the members commented, “I can see why’s CEO Kris has actually deserted his turnaround strategy. He has actually obviously taken great legal suggestions and gladly reversed. Ideally, Woo will reverse their actions by following in their method.”

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