Eurovision Song Contest 2022 Winners Release NFT for Ukraine Charity Auction

Kalush Orchestra, the winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2022, are auctioning off an NFT for charity. The auction began May 25 on MetaHistory– the main Ukrainian charitable NFT museum– and will last just till the 28 th. Quotes will be accepted in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency (through Monobank), hence producing a friendly competitors for what kind of currency can bring the most contributions.

Kalush Orchestra Auction NFT for Ukraine

The Eurovision Song Contest 2022 occurred on May 14 in Turin, Italy. The occasion had a tv audience of 161 million audiences in 34 determined markets, and 18 million audiences likewise enjoyed the contest online on YouTube and TikTok. The winner was the tune Stefania, carried out by Kalush Orchestra. Now the band is auctioning an NFT of the Eurovision Glass Microphone Trophy granted it to gather contributions to assist Ukraine.

By acquiring the NFT with cryptocurrency, the fortunate owner gets: A 100% special digital NFT file including a microphone and Kalush Orchestra. A special conference and supper with members of the Kalush Orchestra. As a chance to get the physical item, the Crystal Microphone, as long as the quote is greater than the fiat currency quote.

The voice of Ukraine will sound as loud as possible with our unique NFT auction Stefania where you will have the ability to bid for a statue of Eurovision 2022 winners.

Auction begins today and lasts till May 28 th 19:00 Get your 12 points from Ukraine now!

— Meta History: Museum of War (@Meta_History_UA) May 25, 2022

The raffle effort is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Information Policy, the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, and the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the association of broadcasters that arranges the worldwide Eurovision Song Contest. All of the cash raised will go to the CO Charitable Foundation of Serhiy Prytula.

Forty nations took part in the popular European cultural occasion, with Russia omitted from Eurovision this year. The Ukrainian tune won by a big margin, and was the very first composed completely in the Ukrainian language. It is commonly thought about that citizens for it supported not just the music of Kalush Orchestra, however the battles of the nation in basic.

The Ukrainian individuals, and even federal government, have actually accepted crypto contributions and NFTs as a method to collect assistance in such a way that on one might have anticipated prior to the occasions of the last 3 months. According to analytical group Crystal, crypto contributions for Ukraine throughout the war were the biggest in history. Since May 12, 2022, this totaled up to more than $82 million. Considering this, it’s not that unexpected that the very first effort to make the minting of the NFT prize “Crystal Microphone” in Europe comes from Ukraine.

” Web3 permits to pool funds in unmatched methods”, states Alona Shevchenko, co-founder of Ukraine DAO. The NFT of the Ukrainian flag, introduced by Ukraine DAO, was auctioned off for $6.5 million in ETH, making it the 10 th most pricey NFT ever offered.

” The last 3 months of war has actually demonstrated how effective and innovative Web3 might be when it pertains to defending human flexibility”, includes Rev Miller, among the establishing partners of Unchain Fund. To date, Unchain raised around $10 m in crypto throughout 15 various blockchains.

” MetaHistory mean any endeavors and efforts to gather a charitable assistance for the advantage of Ukraine. When it comes to such a historic prize and the precedence of the minting, it triggers just appreciation for MH and Kalush Orchestra groups” remarks VK, CEO & & creator of MetaHistory.

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