Speak up: No distinction in between crypto-currency and Monopoly cash; lastly, treasury secretary confesses inflation error; worry suspended license chauffeurs, not old ones

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Playing with cash: What’s the distinction in between “crypto-currency” and Monopoly cash? Absolutely nothing.

Time for GOP to step up: Continued stonewalling is not the reaction this nation requires from the Republican Party. Make a relocation. Counting the cash that the NRA provides you does not count. Perhaps you must purchase a conscience with a few of that money. When are we going to begin voting theses rascals out of workplace?

Saving Chicago cash: Here’s a proven method the city of Chicago might conserve a large amount of cash. Cancel the Chicago Bureau of Tourism and closed down the whole department. No one’s going to Chicago. Shootings and violence running widespread in the city, Millennium Park, River North, Mag Mile and Navy Pier simply among others. Possibly Mayor Lightfoot can divert the cash conserved for another handout? This ought to win her a couple of more votes in her next stopped working project for mayor.

Plan backfired: After the previous year of 7% inflation and this year currently over 8%, (U.S. Treasury Secretary) Janet Yellen lastly confessed she was incorrect when she stated the danger of inflation would be little, workable and temporal. President Biden stated the expenses of food and gas will not be under control at any time quickly. Neither will state that far excessive cash was sent out for method too long to state federal governments and a lot of individuals, numerous who never ever lost their tasks. It was either socked away or invested recklessly rather of being utilized for instant requirements, the method it was planned.

This is who you need to fear: Turning 86 in July, I need to restore my license every 2 years. I take pride in my motorist’s record. Been driving for 70 years. Why are individuals terrified of an 86- year-old chauffeur? I opened the paper to authorities blotter and saw there were 18 suspended license chauffeurs on the roadway. I believe I need to hesitate to go on a roadway with all individuals that do not belong there.

Disaster not a surprise: So Jamie Dimon of Chase Bank believes the economy remains in for a catastrophe. He belongs to the cause. Financial and oil business CEOs have all the power and get their boards to pay them more than 200 times the mean wage. When the Federal Reserve raised rates of interest, banks did not raise rates of interest paid to savers. Cost savings utilized to be the basis of financial security for normal individuals, and now it’s simply dumb and allows banks to take from clients. Financial services forces everybody to bet in the stock exchange now in problem.

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