Lucky Time Walkers Kicks Off Exclusive NFT and Crypto Real World Event

Vancouver, Canada, June 15, 2022 –(– Lucky Time Walkers is a VIP access club created on the blockchain. Their first event, held in Vancouver, BC, was a sold out success and they are now gearing up for their next event.

“Lucky Time Walkers will offer members unique benefits and access to events that cannot be found anywhere else. We are an exclusive VIP project that merges real world events with the metaverse and crypto worlds.” – Connor/Ketafere

The Lucky Time Walker team is lead by Ketafere, creator of Social Sound in Vancouver, and has built a long standing reputation for quality entertainment and widespread appeal. All future events will be provided to holders for free and will also showcase other notable names and collaborations in the field.

Lucky Time Walkers are driven by their mission to present real world assets to the metaverse, with this event marking the start of their journey.

Lucky Time Walkers is a worldwide group that was started in Vancouver, BC. Through events and social engagement, the Lucky Time Walkers group is positioned as one of the first to offer real world assets on the blockchain while hosting events, both in virtual space and reality. Also including special giveaways, luxurious getaways and lots more, it is the first of it’s kind to provide a first class experience for the event and party lover.

The group will announce their launch date soon, you can follow Ketafere and Social Sound on social media to see their past successes and events.

Ketafere is a Vancouver-based, local DJ sensation known for throwing fantastic events, a thought leader in crypto and a known merger of virtual and real world assets. Lucky Time Walkers is the brainchild of Ketafere to provide EDM DJ crypto experiences across the world, incorporating event style NFTs to DJ settings.

About Lucky Time Walkers:

Lucky Time Walkers is based in Vancouver, BC by music sensation Ketafere. None of this release should be construed as advice or financial obligations and is simply a form of disseminating recent company related information. The group takes no liability for accuracy or related use of this information and was put out on an “as-is” basis with all available facts at the time of publication.

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