Solana Saga Phone Reveal Fails to Chime

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  • Solana revealed a Web 3.0 smart device the other day called the Solana Saga
  • The phone will introduce in 2023 and will enable NFT minting to name a few functions
  • The response from non-Solana fans was not favorable

Solana shocked the crypto world the other day when it exposed that it is attempting to accomplish what no other blockchain business has actually ever effectively handled– to develop a quality, working blockchain phone. Solana creator and CEO Anatoly Yakovenko revealed the Solana Saga phone at NYC NFT the other day, which is presently in advancement, total with a Solana dApp shop. Those with memories extending back a couple of years will understand that Solana isn’t the very first business to have actually attempted this, and the roadway to success is one that has actually deserted all who have actually attempted.

Solana Saga Modelled on Osom OV1

Yakovenko required to the phase at NYC NFT to expose prepare for the Solana Saga, which remains in truth a Solana-specific variation of Essential’s Osom OV1 gadget, with basic hardware specifications which do not rather validate the $1,000 price. The hardware isn’t the heading here– rather it’s how Solana intends to make this the world’s very first really effective crypto phone.

The Solana Saga will include the Solana Mobile Stack (SMS, adorable), a wallet adapter port for hardware wallets, and a host of Web 3.0 software application goodies for all your crypto and NFT requires. More information will be launched as the desired Q1 2023 launch date gets better, however currently the feedback has actually been silenced, to state the least.

Memories instantly returned to Sirin Labs’ ‘Finney‘ phone from 2018 and 2020’s effort from HTC, the HTC Exodus, which tried to bring crypto mining to the mobile world. These efforts, and more, were all kept in mind by skeptics:

Failed crypto cell phones:

Sirin Labs Finney, PundiX Xphone, Electroneum M1, HTC Exodus, Samsung Galaxy S10

Solana: “Announcing the Solana phone!”

— James Spediacci (@JamesSpediacci) June 23, 2022

There was even a tip that some individuals got a bit baffled with who was doing what:

Not sure the number of you keep in mind the @SIRINLABS Finney …

I got one, unpacked it, turned it on, and understood it was simply an android with a crypto wallet pre-installed

There weren’t lots of apps/defi/nft/ web3 things taking place so that was it

Excited to see @solana do much better. P37 u1cY93 s

— Luke Martin (@VentureCoinist) June 23, 2022

History Not on Solana’s Side

Of course, it is unjust to cross out the Solana Saga prior to it has actually even been born, and the truth is that if Solana can pull an elegant, working, dApp playing, NFT-minting phone out of the bag then there will be a market for it. History has actually not been kind to the blockchain phone, and this is a huge gamble reputation-wise for the business.

And then, naturally, there’s the reality that Solana’s network has shown to be … undependable just recently, shall we state, a point that was not missed out on by some:

How about concentrating on keeping your blockchain working!?

— $onlyfuns AKA Ada (@nofudADA) June 23, 2022

I question if it will reboot arbitrarily a couple times each day?

— DRE MING (@hi_its_dreaming) June 23, 2022

The evidence, obviously, will remain in the pudding, and we’ll need to wait a minimum of another 6 months to see if we lastly have a blockchain phone worthwhile of the name or whether ‘legend’ will end up being an extremely regrettable yet suitable name.

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