In Spite Of Historic Crashes, Video Games Aren’t Over NFTs Right Now

Blocks are chained together in concept art for video games and NFTs.

Image: Golden Sikorka (Shutterstock)

We were so close As the NFT market suffered one meteoric crash after another, and as some crypto-based video games lost cash by the numerous millions, it appeared for a 2nd there that the video gaming market may pertain to its senses. No. Today alone saw 2 significant celebrations revealing a dedication to smushing NFTs and computer game together.

Square Enix, the famous publisher that appears intent on burying every ounce of goodwill it accumulated throughout the years and after that dancing on the tomb, is doubling down on its fascination with blockchain innovation

Earlier this year, Square Enix sold a handful of prominent studios— consisting of Deus Ex maker Eidos Montreal and Tomb Raider stewards Crystal Dynamics– for $300 million. Around the very same time, the business mentioned a clear intent to go all in on including blockchain innovation into its video games. The business’s report for its 2022 investors conference, released today (by means of Siliconera), stated it prepares to present “story-focused NFTs” to its video games.

It is uncertain how, precisely, this blockchain innovation will present any brand-new functions that aren’t currently existing in computer game. Agents for Square Enix did not react to an ask for remark.

Also today, a duo of previous PlayStation officers– Michael Mumbauer and John Garvin– revealed the development of a brand-new studio, Liithos(tagline: “from difficult to unavoidable”), which prepares to establish video games on the Hedera crypto network Mumbauer, who formerly co-founded indie studio That’s No Moon, stepped down from his function as CEO previously this year. (That’s No Moon was developed in 2015 and has yet to launch a video game.) Here’s part of his objective declaration for Liithos:

I wish to see a world where the characters and stories that I like do not end after I complete the video game. That’s been an imagine mine for numerous years. The most significant difficulty to conquer has actually been that there hasn’t been a significant method to link various home entertainment worlds together in properly. Web 3 will open the power to change the method we engage with home entertainment. Think of reading your preferred comics or seeing the current season of a program you like, other than they are all based in the very same fantastic world. Even much better, by seeing the program, you get something that includes unbelievable worth to your pleasure of the video game. Is that possible?

The very first video game out of Liithos is Ashfall, a post-apocalyptic action video game set centuries in the future in the Pacific Northwest. Liithos is presently offering a comic based upon Ashfall for $100(” anticipated shipment 9/23″). Garvin, who formerly composed and directed open-world survival video game Days Gone, will work as Ashfall‘s innovative director.

A volcano goes boom on the horizon against many plane crashes on the foreground.

This is principle art for Ashfall, not Outriders
Image: Liithos

It is uncertain how precisely Liithos prepares to get a blockchain-based video game past the accreditation procedures of traditionally rigorous console stores. Through an agent, Mumbauer informed Kotaku that, “advancement will take a while, [but] our company believe the combination of innovations that will magnify our trans-media objectives will come online ultimately. We mean [to] put some focus on innovation backend to link mediums together if one isn’t produced that we can take advantage of for Ashfall


This week, NFT.NYC placed on its 4th yearly celebration, where a crowd of crypto brothers come down on New York City. Among the primary phases was straight throughout the street from Kotaku HQ; strolling from the train to the workplace every day implied learning a sea of fleece half-zips and polyester chinos and red plastic lanyards. Afterhours, guests gathered to the galleries of Soho and Williamsburg to drink sour Prosecco and speak in hushed, reverent tones about a “Gary V.”

It is something to find out about this things, to check out it or see from far away as an age-old publisher of generally exceptional video games makes abjectly dreadful service choices. It is another totally to see the eagerness so tangibly face to face.

We were so close.

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