Nexo Issues Cease-and-Desist Letter to Twitter User Accusing It of Embezzlement

  • Nexo has actually sent out a cease-and-desist letter to a user making major criminal claims.
  • Nexo released a prolonged article dismissing the claims and supplying thinking versus the person’s mostly dubious claims.
  • The person’s fans have actually likewise been getting cease-and-desist claims.

Crypto loaning platform Nexo has actually sent out a cease-and-desist letter to a Twitter account implicating it of embezzlement. Nexo released an article on the occurrence on the matter, plainly describing how the person was incorrect in their claims.

The Twitter user otteroooo tweeted on June 26 that the Nexo creator and his household had actually been siphoned funds from charity to utilize it “as an individual slush fund” and “constructed a palace on their own.” He goes on to offer proof– that in no chance is appropriate or validates any of the claims.


Evidences provided completely by otter listed below

no bueno!

— otteroooo (@otteroooo) June 26, 2022

The long thread seems complicated Nexo creator Kosta Kantchev with HelpKarma creator Constantine Krastev. He declares that the latter is the Nexo creator’s cousin, though there does not seem any proof showing this.

Nexo’s action to the Tweet thread is long and blunt, calling the claims ridiculous, however comprehending that it requires to promote the sake of openness and clearness. The post states that otteroooo is trying to generate income from fans, while utilizing sensationalism and psychological product to attract the neighborhood.

Nexo plainly specifies that it has no association with HelpKarma, stating that

” Nexo and the Bulgarian non-profit charity, implicated of misdeed, have not and never ever had any typical operations, typical helpful owners, or typical management.”

The basic crypto neighborhood seems on Nexo’s side, as the Twitter user’s account appears to have little strong proof for the claims. He likewise stated that his fans have actually gotten stop and desist letters.

my fans got love letters from Nexo to stop & & desist

sent out by smol accounts called Nexo Angels

so Nexo means to pursue wassies, frogs, miladys, pepes and anons all around the world?

to individuals who have actually “transferred” funds to nexo

this is what your $ is utilized for

— otteroooo (@otteroooo) June 27, 2022

Nexo Appears To Be Handling Market Crash Well

Nexo, like other business and platforms in the market, have actually suffered throughout the marketplace crash. All things thought about, it appears to be doing well, with not much disturbance since of the low rates.

The business revealed a brand-new charge card backed by crypto security in April2022 The card would enable users to immediately invest as much as 90% of the worth of their digital tokens. The card comes by means of a handle DiPocket and Mastercard.

But the most significant news of all is the truth that Nexo has provided to obtain Celsius’ collateralized loan portfolio. The latter seems on the edge of personal bankruptcy, and Nexo wishes to acquire certifying properties.

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