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I will now offer my views on the near term future of the world. It is Elon Musk heavy however based upon my in-depth analysis of science, innovation, supply chain advancements, service designs this is what I see occurring.

My Views on the Future of the World

I believe this is a really interesting and intriguing time. While there are international monetary and other difficulties (inflation, economic downturn, crypto market crashes, war, illness), we likewise sit at what I think is the dawn of substantial favorable changes. We sit at the doorstep to what the website is called, the next huge future.

I have actually taken a look at the supply chain, company designs and moneyed factories for self-driving vehicles, batteries and for Lidar. I have actually taken a look at area interactions, existing international interactions, innovation and organization designs. I have actually recognized bottom lines of strength and weak point in the numerous strategies and techniques to different disruptive innovation. I have actually recognized the most crucial tracking and forecasting metrics and the proper targets, turning points and inescapable ramping lags.

The Super Heavy Starship will make its very first orbital launch effort next month. Orbital class Super Heavy Starship and capturing the booster and the Starship on Mechazilla launch towers will be shown in2023 This will resemble going from little and moderate sized blimps that are all Hindenburg-like and crash after each usage to Jumbo jets. The jumbo jets will have 15 to 30 times the speed.

Here are a few of my forecasts for SpaceX from 2023-2033

Predictions for the SpaceX Decade

2024 SpaceX profits more than NASA budget plan

2024 Reach 100+ Super heavy Starship to orbit launches.

First military payload indicate point in 2023

2025 1000+ Super heavy Starship to orbit launches.

SpaceX Decade Summary-Keys to Huge Results

Super Heavy Starship

Mechazilla Catch and Relaunch

Mass Production

Starlink IPO

100 X to 1000 X Revenue

Gen 2 and 2+ Satellites

1000 X to 1000000 X Launches

10000 X to 10 Million times payload

Moon Landings and Development

Orbital Development

Mars Landings and Development

Self-Driving Robotaxi Future

I have actually evaluated the future of self-driving and robotaxi.

I have actually taken a look at the supply chain and financed factories for batteries. I have actually taken a look at the status and development of lots of self-driving vehicle business. I have actually taken a look at the supply chain for self-driving cars and trucks and the factories prepared and moneyed for robotaxis and for the essential element, Lidar.

The self-driving vehicle business that depend on having Lidar at scale have a substantial issue. The orders to validate the big factories and the required factories are not yet being integrated in enough amount.

This leads me to conclude that Tesla will be successful and be the very first and dominant winner with self-driving robotaxis.

I have actually likewise carried out a choice tree analysis. Tesla has actually eliminated Lidar and ultrasonic sensing units. It has just take a couple of weeks tto months to re-train the neural internet. Plainly, 99% of the use does not need those sensing units. If Tesla discovers that they require any of those sensing units for an essential however unusual set of circumstances, then Tesla can include back the minimum enough sensing units. This will be the minimum necessary quantity and the neural internet will re-adapt in weeks to months. On the other hand, if the Lidar reliant business find that Tesla has actually been successful without those sensing units, it will take years to change to video camera just. It has actually taken control of 2 years for Tesla to deal with a cam just AI method to have no Lidar and no ultrasonics. Tesla got rid of Lidar over 6 years back.

If Tesla wins complete self driving with the electronic camera just technique, they might have the 20 million robotaxi fleet required for 1 trillion miles annually by 2030.

Owning and driving fast development in transport, supply chains, logistics, robotics, interactions and AI will be remarkably lucrative. Somebody who was outcompeting big business with just a few million in resources has about a trillion in resources and will quickly have trillions in earnings. Elon Musk still has endless aspiration. If he prospers in changing Twitter into a remarkable variation of Wechat this will alter the web, financing and banking.

Quantum Computers and Antiaging

I will be going to a quantum computer system conference Dec 6-8,2022 I will have lots of interviews with leading researchers, technologists and magnate because field. I am positive that there will be success with Quantum computer systems and it will matter for the world.

Here is a video of an interview with among the leaders in the field of brand-new quantum innovation.

I am closing tracking Antiaging and aging turnaround work.

Thanks once again for being included.

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