Worldwide Webb Review: Not a Perfect Metaverse, however Better Than Meta’s

Key Takeaways

  • Worldwide Webb is a pixel art metaverse video game that makes it possible for users to tailor their avatars into NFTs they own.
  • The platform supports over 40 various Ethereum NFT collections; lovers can likewise purchase land plots and in-game products.
  • While Worldwide Webb’s missions and mini-games rapidly end up being repeated, gamers might delight in the platform’s social element.

Worldwide Webb leans greatly into crypto tradition and combinations to use Web3 lovers a metaverse experience that feels enjoyable and familiar, if sometimes tiring.

Ready Player One

Worldwide Webb is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game (MMORPG) established by video game designer Thomas Webb. The video game enables gamers to check out Chain City– a crypto-themed town– engage with each other, display their NFTs, and go on missions.

More than a video game, Worldwide Webb markets itself as a crypto metaverse– a virtual world in which users have the ability to produce a brand-new identity and have complex social interactions. The word “metaverse,” created by Neil Stephenson in his 1992 book Snow Crash, got in mainstream awareness in October 2021 when social networks giant Facebook revealed it was rebranding to Meta and establishing its own metaverse. The pivot triggered the tokens of existing crypto metaverse jobs, like Decentraland, to skyrocket in rate, while many brand-new jobs released in order to capitalize the buzz.

Worldwide Webb emerged at around the very same time. The Worldwide Webb Land NFT collection (which permits gamers to purchase in-game land plots NFTs) released in November 2021, while the Worldwide Webb Items collection (which worries itself with in-game devices and items) was developed in January2022 The task is still in advancement, it is currently available to the public. Crypto Briefing chose to dive into Thomas Webb’s metaverse to see if it deserved the see.

Accessibility (4/5)

Worldwide Webb is quickly available. It’s an internet browser video game, so all you require is to go to the task’s main site, register, and link a MetaMask wallet. There is absolutely nothing to download, and the registration procedure just takes a couple of seconds. The video game can be used desktops or smart phones. Changing accounts is likewise quickly done– simply log off and go to with a various MetaMask wallet.

While Worldwide Webb is totally free to play, the platform’s piece de resistance is its NFT combination tools. Gamers do not always require NFTs in order to get involved, however they’re a vital part of the social element of the video game. If you’re an NFT lover and wish to display a few of yours, you’ll need to move them to the MetaMask wallet related to Worldwide Webb. Depending on how much you take pleasure in the platform, you might desire to purchase Worldwide Webb land plots and products. These presently variety in cost from 0.27 ETH (approximately $297) to 147 ETH ($161,700) on OpenSea.

Graphics and Art (3/5)

The video game is interesting because it does not attempt to expand a realistic-looking metaverse like Meta’s. It for that reason prevents needing to handle the “remarkable valley” result, the phenomenon in which a human-like figure develops revulsion and anxiousness in the audience due to small flaws.

Instead, Worldwide Webb leans greatly on pixel art similar to timeless role-playing video games like Zelda or the very first Final Fantasy entries. The visual is especially fitting as the crypto area itself has a fondness for that exact same art design– certainly, a few of the extremely first NFT collections, such as CryptoPunks and MoonCats, default to it.

Pixel art can often make a video game hard on the eyes, however Worldwide Webb’s style is sophisticated, comprehensive, and general lovely. Its soundtrack is likewise really good, as gamers get to listen to unwinding lo-fi beats while they roam Chain City’s streets.

Gameplay (1/5)

Worldwide Webb’s biggest weak point lives in its gameplay. Its video game mechanics just aren’t much enjoyable. There is little sense of in-game development. Missions include a significant quantity of walking the map (which is rather little) and talking with non-player characters, however little else. Activities such as mining, fishing, and digging end up being recurring as quickly as you master them.

Same with the mini-games. While gamers have the chance sometimes to eliminate crowds of aggressors, play Mario Kart with their own avatars, or fight each other with their NFT family pets in a Pokémon style, these mini-games aren’t established in their own right and pale in contrast to the classics they attempt to stimulate.

These flaws are intensified by the truth that neither missions nor mini-games feel especially instinctive regardless of their mechanics recognizing to many gamers. Just a handful of missions are presently readily available, and users can invest a very long time searching for them throughout the map.

Story and Lore (3/5)

Crypto locals might be thrilled to discover a video game so established in crypto culture. Places and characters are called after Web3 lingo, and crypto memes are plentiful. Bitcoin innovator Satoshi Nakamoto, Ethereum developer Vitalik Buterin, and Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor are all included as holograms, and more subtle in-jokes– like the existence of a real Link Marine and the critical function Chain City’s McDonald’s appears to play in the video game– plainly show the advancement group’s love for the crypto area.

Furthermore, due to the fact that individuals can personalize their avatars and make them appear like NFTs that they own, gamers frequently run into familiar NFTs, each with their own tradition. There’s something unique about going into a cavern and discovering a Cool Cat and a Crypto Punk mining ore in their particular corners.

However, gamers with little crypto understanding will more than likely discover the tradition odd and uninteresting. The video game itself does not offer any story beyond the threadbare stories of its couple of missions. The most significant story arc includes a daddy deserting his kids after he bets away his fishing pole. It’s humorous however barely appealing.

Crypto Element (3/5)

The video game can be applauded for its crypto interoperability. As formerly pointed out, users can personalize their avatars to appear in-game as an NFT they own. A little over 40 various collections are presently supported, with more on the horizon. The initial collections need not always remain in pixel art either; Bored Ape Yacht Club NFTs, for instance, have actually been incorporated.

Users can likewise purchase in-game houses and penthouses by gathering land plot NFTs. These homes are extremely adjustable thanks to a flexible home builder tool. NFT products and family pets are readily available too.

The truth that the video game just supports Ethereum suggests that Solana, Tezos, BNB Chain, Polygon, and Aptos NFTs are not presently offered in-game. The level to which Worldwide Webb permits players to engage with their NFTs is outstanding by today’s requirements.

Final Thoughts

Worldwide Webb feels more like a virtual location to hang out than a video game at this phase of advancement. The platform permits enough personalization for users to craft their own worlds within a world and create social bonds over group chat. In spite of the harsh market conditions and basic mainstream loss of interest in crypto, Worldwide Webb still has users appearing daily to play mini-games and gather brand-new devices. The neighborhood likewise appears useful and inviting towards beginners. If you’re trying to find an enjoyable crypto video game, this isn’t it. If you’re looking to make good friends and display your NFTs to fellow lovers, this metaverse might be for you. In general, Crypto Briefing provides Worldwide Webb a 3/5 score.

Disclaimer: At the time of composing, the author of this piece owned BTC, ETH, and numerous other crypto possessions.

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