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Triple A crypto gaming is making waves recently as we have seen an influx of new projects utilizing the Unreal Engine 5 development tools. This is a great turn for the industry as we have seen some real bottom of the barrel projects in terms of presentation and gameplay. Stuff you’d expect in the 90’s. No shade to the retro gamers, it’s just fun to have top class production behind modern games.

The new game on the block is Paradox Metaverse. Having come across this title via a famous rapper’s Instagram post there was initial skepticism regarding it. However some further due diligence proved this is one blockchain project we should maybe revert our attention to.

Read on to find out more about Paradox and what is in store for this U.K based project that is ready to take the blockchain by storm.


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A briefing of the Paradox Metaverse

Paradox is an open world action adventure game that is being built on our favourite engine, Unreal Engine 5. It initially started as a free to play game, which is amazing news for the casual gamers. Purchasing an NFT will allow you to get more out of your experience.

Gameplay trailers that have been published by the team show it to be a fully immersive game. Showing off very vibrant environments and stellar graphics and gameplay. Almost like a mix of Cyberpunk 2077 and Grand Theft Auto.

The storyline follows a dystopian plot where a city has been taken over by a group of Robot police that you must overcome. Players can enter portals that take you to different planets offering different ways to play and level up your character to take over the tyrannical forces in the Paradox City!

In-game collectibles

NFTs will be available through completing missions and on the Paradox Marketplace. They will be known as:

  • ParaGuns
  • Para Bodybox
  • Paraclothing

Players can edit their characters and cars (everyone is initially given one) to live out your ideal character in the metaverse.

Sales registered from the marketplace will incur fees. 10% of which will be redistributed back into the staking pool and prize pool of Paradox Metaverse.

In-game token

Paradox’s token will be known as $PARA. This can be earnt through completing missions and staking in the game, which we will cover in more depth. PARA will be available to buy on Huobi Global and BitMart first, with more exchanges to come in the future.

This is how the $PARA token will be distributed:

  • ADVISORIES 3.15%
  • PUBILC ROUND 1.35%
  • SEED 12%
  • LIQUIDITY/MM 12.5%
  • PRESALE 4%
  • P2E 20%
  • STAKING 15%
  • RND 5%

Whilst being able to earn PARA tokens through completing missions, it is noted that there are cooling off periods between missions, a total of 24 hours. Paradox have stated this is so players can still enjoy the social aspect of the game and explore the environments.


Image Credit | Paradox Metaverse


Staking is a great way to earn more from your crypto holdings. Players can earn an average of 20% APY when staking their $PARA token.

Tokens are held for between 28 – 2888 days when staked. According to their whitepaper, staking functions will be available in Q4 of 2022, along with the option to also stake NFTs.

By swapping your $PARA token to ‘P-SAVE’, you are entitled to stake to earn more and get more out of your gaming experience. P-SAVE will be obtainable via ParaSwap, the designated decentralized exchange for Paradox.

Partners and media attention

Paradox has received some huge PR since the game’s inception via Twitter and other social media sites. Some of the hottest names in all corners of the entertainment industry have caught onto the game.

U.K rappers such as Digga D, Headie One and group OFB have shared their thoughts through their individual campaigns. Streaming sensation IamSpeed is also an advocate as he is due to take part in a gameplay launch event for Paradox.

Crypto exchanges and other notable names have also partnered up with Paradox. Opensea, Uniswap, Binance & Unreal Engine to name a few.

Extras from the Paradox Metaverse

Whilst we have covered the main features of Paradox, there are some more notable features found on this game.

Firstly there are the Paradox Events where fans can watch exclusive events and content of top streamers and gamers taking part in $PARA prize tournaments.

There is also the Paradox Launchpad, giving token based projects a means to get funding for their release. Players can access upcoming game tokens for a cheaper price than the average market price. Tokens only listed on exchanges can be published on the Launchpad offering player security.

To find out more about the Paradox Metaverse be sure to check out their official site. This features a comprehensive whitepaper that gives a full breakdown of the title, the team behind it and the roadmap of updates that are due to be released.

Always do your own research before investing in any game and as always happy gaming!

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