JPMorgan Granted Crypto Wallet Trademark


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  • JPMorgan has actually been approved a hallmark for a vast crypto wallet platform
  • The hallmark consists of functions merchants in addition to users, such as crypto payments and swaps
  • JPMorgan made the filing in June 2020, right as it was turning bullish on crypto

JPMorgan has actually been approved a hallmark for a crypto wallet, revealing a more push into the crypto arena for the bank whose CEO dislikes crypto. The hallmark, which was submitted back in July 2020 and was authorized recently, seems an extensive offering, consisting of crypto payment processing, virtual currency transfer and exchange, and other monetary services. It marks another example of the bank coming cycle on crypto, and reveals that their self-confidence in crypto was thoroughly timed.

Crypto Payments for Individuals and Merchants

The brand-new wallet, provisionally called the J.P. Morgan Wallet appears to be more than simply a storage technique, with the description in the hallmark filing consisting of things like “developing an online virtual environment for payment processing and the exchange of several currencies in numerous languages”, “online expense presentment and payment”, “point-of-sale payment processing”, and “merchant services”.

This highlights that JPMorgan in reality strategies to develop a whole platform for people, merchants and more.

JPMorgan Turned Bullish When it Filed the Trademark

JPMorgan has actually constantly been something of a curious case when it pertains to crypto. Its CEO Jamie Dimon has actually stated on numerous celebrations that Bitcoin is going to absolutely no, which was echoed by the bank’s public declarations on the matter for several years.

However, the thinking on crypto started to alter around June 2020 when the bank declared that crypto had actually passed its very first “tension test” after rebounding from the March 2020 crash … around a month prior to it submitted its wallet hallmark. Ever since, the bank has actually been extremely bullish on crypto, requiring a $146,000 Bitcoin appraisal which institutional financiers might wind up putting 1% of their portfolios into Bitcoin. This was followed by the bank releasing its own platform to enable crypto direct exposure to customers.

At the time of the sea modification we asked if JPMorgan’s about turn was some type of ominous plot versus crypto, however the genuine factor is much easier– it desires a piece of the action.

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