Hatsune Miku Unveils Beautiful Visuals for Her 16th Anniversary Project

Crypton Future Media revealed the visuals and main site for its brand-new task” Hatsune Miku Happy16 th Birthday- Dear Creators-” today on February10,2023 .

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The virtual vocalist Hatsune Miku was born upon August31,2007 as a singing voice synthesizer software application. Since many developers have actually published Miku’s tunes and illustrations on the Internet, her existence has actually spread out around the world, and she is now active as a virtual vocalist in a range of fields, consisting of product and live efficiencies.

Her authorities age, as composed on the software application bundle, is 16 years of ages, so this year will be a remarkable “16 th birthday” for her. The idea of the brand-new task ” Hatsune Miku Happy 16 th Birthday -Dear Creators-” is “Hatsune Miku who was born over the past 16 years and Hatsune Miku who will be born in future to come. True blessings to all the developers.” Journalism release composes, “We will perform strategies to make the future of development together with our fans who have actually supported us already, in addition to with developers in different fields. Stay tuned for additional advancements!”

The anniversary job’s primary visual was drawn by Chinese illustrator Rella, who formerly dealt with crucial visuals for “Hatsune Miku Symphony” occasions. This recently drawn illustration portrays Miku singing with a soft expression on her face versus a stellar sky, with colors filled with openness. The initial outfit created for this brand-new task consists of outfit themes from the previous software application bundles. In addition, behind Miku is “plumes of imagination”” with a collection of symbolic tools to help in the innovative procedure.

– 初音ミク 公式( @cfm_miku) February10,2023

The idea visual, which displays the “plumes of imagination,” has actually likewise been revealed. The effective yet dignified outfit is the outfit style of the very first software application plan launched on August 31,2007 This visual will likewise be utilized in numerous jobs in addition to the primary visual.


Hatsune Miku software application’s very first variation plan:

Source: Cryptom Future Media news release

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