Arbdoge: Still a Good Investment? Explore New Meme Cryptos, 50x Growth Potential

The ArbDoge (AIDOGE) dream may be over before it really even got going. The meme coin has been having an awful time of it lately as its price continues on a downward trend. This is despite all the hype surrounding meme coins at the moment which leads us to ask if not now, when?

While ArbDoge may be struggling the same cannot be said for other meme coins like Wall Street Memes ($WSM), AiDoge (Ai), Copium Coin ($COPIUM), and Spongebob Token ($SPONGE).

These meme coins, in descending order, represent some of the best new cryptocurrency options on the market right now.

Is there any hope for the future of AIDOGE? Let’s have a look.


Does ArbDoge’s Deflationary Status Mean it’s One For the Future?

ArbDoge (AIDOGE) is a difficult coin to evaluate. If we look at the price chart below, it does not look great for the meme coin. This is reinforced by the fact that there has never been more of a market for meme coins, and many are pumping or enjoying very successful presales.

However, as AIDOGE is a deflationary token that applies an 8% burning tax to every purchase, we cannot rule out that its worth won’t increase in the future. There is always a market for coins with scarcity, but as the total amount of tokens still stands at 210,000,000,000,000,000, it really is hard to see the point of this coin.

arbDoge price

In a market with rival meme coins that have much better utility and community backing it is better to look elsewhere. Let’s take a look at four other meme coins that should turn out to be more profitable than ArbDoge.

As we mentioned, there have never been as many eyes on the meme coin market as there are now. The timing of the launch of the Wall Street Memes token is likely not a coincidence in that sense. This is one of the biggest crypto online brands with over 1 million followers across their social media pages, and yet they chose to drop a meme coin now.

This is the same brand whose NFT collection sold out in 32 minutes in 2021, we think they know this is the best time to capitalize on the meme coin market. 

Find out how to buy Wall Street Memes here.

It is too early to tell for sure, but the presale is close to raising 500k a day so far, so their decision is looking good. Besides the quantity of their following, they are also followed by crypto influencers with massive platforms, so their reach extends even more. The real white whale for them is Elon Musk, who has already interacted with the site twice, if he was to tweet about the meme coin, expect it to really take off.

Besides the large community following, $WSM has also got an endorsement from Google’s new AI chatbot, Bard. The technology predicted that the meme coin could see 352% growth from its original presale price. We do not know how accurate Bard is yet, but we think 50% gains may be a conservative estimation for this coin.

wall street memes

>>>Visit Wall Street Memes Presale<<< 

AiDoge – Similar Name But Very Different Performances

AiDoge (AI), not to be confused with ArbDoge, may have a similar name, but their fate in the crypto market looks like it will be very different. This is mainly due to the difference in utility between the two. AiDoge will be the market’s first meme-to-earn platform that employs AI to help its users make the best possible memes.

⚠️ Breaking News: AiDoge will be listed in exchanges on the 19th of June! The AiDoge Presale successfully reached its $14.9 million ICO hard cap in only 4 weeks, and the $AI coins are currently in the process of being listed on exchanges. You can still purchase $Ai at the presale price on the official website and potentially benefit from its exchange listing. This is the official page to buy $Ai.

This formula led to the presale selling out in approximately a month, but investors are still piling in to buy Ai before the listings begin. Memeing is a huge part of crypto culture so the possibility of earning native currency for your creation is likely going to drive a lot of interest within the crypto community. 

The AI the site uses will have a vast knowledge of crypto, so it will be able to help its users make the best memes the internet has seen. A voting system ensures the cream always rises to the top, and those memes will get exposure on the main pages of the site.

Regular competitions will make sure to attract the best meme creators as they can earn some valuable native currency. AiDoge definitely has the potential to see 50x gains once officially listed. Find out how to buy AiDoge here.


>>>Visit AiDoge Site<<<

Copium Coin – A Meme Coin with Some Investor Protection

Copium Coin ($COPIUM) is a lot harder to read than the other meme coins on this list. That is because its presale is invite only so it is difficult to measure its success. However, it has a few positive factors that lead us to believe it has the potential for 50x gains. 

The first is the exclusivity of a private presale, crypto investors love anything exclusive, so we think there will be a lot of people looking to get involved once it is open to the subject. Read our full Copium price precition here.

Next up is the $COPIUM meme. A very popular internet one, but more importantly, one that has been adopted by the crypto community in particular. This kind of meme can harvest a community which in turn can lead to a price pump.

Lastly is the project’s commitment to sustainability, investors will be limited to a maximum purchase of 1ETH worth of $COPIUM, this will limit mass dumping once the listings begin and gives it more of a chance for 50x gains.

copium crypto

>>>Visit Copium Coin Site<<< 

Spongebob Token – Once Considered the Heir to PEPE Throne 

The last meme token on our list has had a very different story from the other three. Spongebob Token came out of nowhere a few weeks ago and pumped by 1200%. Many thought it was going to be the next Pepe Coin, however, then the market took a bad turn, and the price has been falling ever since.

Although far from a certainty, we think it still does have the chance for 50x gains. Spongebob is the internet’s favorite show and the most memed one. This means a meme coin like $SPONGE can not be ruled out. A 50x pump wouldn’t even see it pass its previous high, so we think it is a decent buy-low opportunity.

sponge token 100x

>>>Visit Spongebob Token Site<<<


We cannot, in good faith, recommend ArbDoge as a good investment, things may turn around soon, but for now, it just doesn’t make sense. It is a golden age for meme coins, so investors are better off looking elsewhere. The four we have included are among the best meme coins on the market right now, and we think 50x gains are within the realms of possibility for all of them.

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