Bard AI’s Terra Luna Classic Price Insights: Uncovering the Crypto Assets Poised For 300% Profit Surge

Bard AI is Google’s new AI chatbot that is here to compete with ChatGPT and also gives price projections for cryptos like Terra Luna Classic. The latter has been used for the last few months by crypto enthusiasts to try and get an edge over the market, the only problem is ChatGPT does not want to give future predictions so it needs special commands in order to give any market predictions. This is not a problem Bard has.

Elsewhere, Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) has been enjoying a decent period that has seen its price grow by nearly 14% in the last 7 days. This is likely due to the fact the community is set to vote on a proposal to up the ecosystem’s burn rate back up to 1.5%. This would create much more scarcity, and we all know how much the market loves that.

We decided to ask Bard what it thought was in store for LUNC for the rest of the year and its answer was very interesting.

Terra Luna Classic to Continue Growth Through 2023 

So to break down the prediction, Bard thinks that in a best-case scenario, the price of LUNC at the time of writing could increase by close to 30% by the end of 2023. Even its conservative prediction for the end of the year would see close to 15% growth so things are looking good for the LUNC community.

lunc price predict

However, one thing to be careful of is how the proposition to raise the burning level goes. If that is not pushed through, the price may be affected in a negative manner. This makes investing in LUNC at the moment a little riskier. We decided to take a look at some of the best crypto presales for better investment opportunities and found 5 options that could provide 300% more gains.

Wall Street Memes – Bard Has High Hopes for This Meme Coin for 2023 

While Bard predicts modest gains for Terra Luna Classic in 2023, it is much higher on Wall Street Memes ($WSM). In fact, the AI predicts the meme coin could grow by up to 352% from its original presale price. Why is the AI so bullish on this coin that has only started presale? It is more than likely because of the huge following the brand has across social media. Find out how to buy Wall Street memes here.

bard wall st memes predict

They boast over 1 million followers across their social media profiles and are followed by lots of big names in the crypto world, such as influencer Cameron Fous. Elon Musk has also interacted with the Twitter account, which has over 220k followers. This huge following has led the presale to be on a pace of raising close to a million a day since it began. 300% gains may be a conservative prediction in this coin’s case.

wall st memes 2

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AiDoge – Presale Sold Out, But Investors Still Flooding in 

The AiDoge presale ended a week ago after it sold out and raised close to $15 million. Despite this, investors have still been pouring in to buy one of the best meme coins at its listing price before the listings begin. The excitement is palpable as the market can’t wait to try out the first crypto meme generation platform.

⚠️ Breaking News: AiDoge will be listed in exchanges on the 19th of June! The AiDoge Presale successfully reached its $14.9 million ICO hard cap in only 4 weeks, and the $AI coins are currently in the process of being listed on exchanges. You can still purchase $Ai at the presale price on the official website and potentially benefit from its exchange listing. This is the official page to buy $Ai.

We are sure a lot of crypto Twitter and Reddit posters are chomping at the bit to get access to the site that uses AI technology to help create the best-quality memes. The meme-to-earn system on the site means the best members can actually monetize their work for the first time ever. The viral potential and utility of this meme coin give it the potential to at least pump 300%. Learn how to bull AiDoge here.

aidoge 7

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yPredict – Best AI Algorithms to Help Investors Beat the Market

One thing we look for from presales is originality, and yPredict (YPRED) certainly has that. They have noticed the uptick in the use of AI and computer algorithms in crypto trading and how it has pushed out the everyday trader. They aim to attract the very best algorithm creators to their site and give traders access to all the information they need for their investing.

Two things really stand out from the presale so far, yPredict claims it will have the top 1% of AI developers working for them, and over 20,000 users are already on the site waiting list. These figures are very impressive and lead us to think that 300% gains are well within their range once the listings begin. Find out how to buy yPredict here.

ypredict presale

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Ecoterra – 300% Gains Expected by Experts For This Green Coin 

Green crypto projects are great investments for the long term as they can really only go in one direction. However, it is important to look for ones with real physical benefits to the environment like Ecoterra (ECOTERRA). This project stands out from the crowd thanks to its ambitious plans to incentivize recycling for individuals and businesses.

Lion is one of the biggest supermarket conglomerates in the world and owns supermarket brands across the world. How you identify one of their supermarkets is by the reverse vending machines that give shoppers store credit for returning bottles bought in the store. 

Ecoterra’s partnership with them means now users can earn ECOTERRA for recycling using these machines. Businesses will be able to get their own machines and implement recycling on a company-wide scale in order to gain native currency which can be exchanged for carbon credits which are like gold dust these days to companies.

Terra Luna Classic

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Launchpad XYZ – Web 3.0 made it easy and profitable for the masses 

Web 3.0 is one of the fastest developing industries in the world, and as we know, in the crypto community, it never stands still. One problem the industry has is it can be a little alienating to beginners as it is filled with technical jargon.

The creators of Launchpad XYZ (LPX) have recognized this and saw the need for a platform that breaks it down into easily manageable information.

However, the reason we think this project can see gains of 300% is because it does much more than this. It is a platform for all levels of Web 3.0 knowledge.

Once you have a grounding in the technology, you can take it to the next level by finding the best projects that utilize Web 3.0 and investing in them. The platform will allow you to monetize your new knowledge through lots of different avenues. Learn how to buy Launchpad XYZ here.


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Terra Luna Classic has had a decent last week or so, as the potential increase in the project’s burning rate has spurred on some investment. Google’s new AI technology also thinks LUNC will continue to have a good 2023, although with nothing spectacular happening.

It is the 5 presale coins we have listed where the real growth will be. 300% gains are well within all of their means at the moment, as their potential moment is immeasurable.

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