BitDAO (BIT) And Chiliz (CHZ) Loses as Investors Troop to the Ongoing Sparklo (SPRK) Presale to Make Profits

Holders of BitDAO (BIT) and Chiliz (CHZ) are crossing over to the latest jewel in the crypto market which is Sparklo after unconvincing price performances of both coins. Sparklo has emerged as the best alternative for many investors who are dissatisfied with the performance of their portfolio and the token has been living up to expectations by giving them relief. Let’s look into the Sparklo project and see why investors are trooping into the project. 

Sparklo (SPRK) – a project that will enrich its investors

It has been an exciting moment for Sparklo after its explosive rise in the global crypto space. Sparklo is a global blockchain marketplace where users can invest in real-life precious metals which are converted into NFTs. The platform developed on the popular ERC-20 Ethereum Network will mint the metal-backed NFTs, fractionalize them, and then auction them to interested investors fractionally or completely. When an investor purchases a full NFT, Sparklo will send the corresponding NFT to the investor’s location of choice.

Sparklo will be a sharp departure from the problems of a centralized marketplace, as everything on the platform will be done without the input of third parties. This will prevent manipulation and fraud that have been the norm in traditional marketplaces. Investors can put their minds at rest concerning the genuineness of Sparklo as it has been audited by Interfil Network and completed the KYC verification. Sparklo will lock the token liquidity for 100 years and the team token for 1000 days, further showing the commitment of the Sparklo team.

At the ongoing second stage of the presale, investors can purchase the SPRK token now for $0.036 per token. The token has already been projected by crypto experts to surge by 1,500% before the end of December 2023. As you’ve probably known, investing in projects like Sparklo at its presale phase is where exponential gains are made. So act now and enjoy the dividends later. Click the link below to purchase the SPRK token.


BitDAO (BIT) is down to $0.491 after the latest slump

BitDAO (BIT) is a decentralized autonomous organization that’s managed by holders of BitDAO (BIT) tokens. ‍BitDAO (BIT) has lost 2% of its value in the last few hours and currently trading at $0.49.  BitDAO (BIT) 24-hour trading volume increased slightly to $2.37 million presently. BitDAO (BIT) has lost 4% of its value in the last 48 hours, with the coin still active in the bear market.

However, the crypto price prediction platforms believe that BitDAO (BIT) will reach the $1 benchmark in the year. This has given BitDAO (BIT) coin holders hope that a resurgence could happen very soon. The crypto market cap of BitDAO (BIT) has also witnessed growth and stays at $905 million presently. While we wait to see what happens next, BitDAO (BIT) investors are diversifying to the trending Sparklo project to make gains. Crypto experts believe that with the current surge in Sparklo, it could become the next blue chip crypto.

Chiliz (CHZ) falters with yet another downward movement in the crypto market

It was a disappointing day for Chiliz (CHZ) investors after another slump in price pulled the token deeply into the drop zone.  Chiliz (CHZ) value has dipped by 2.50% in the last 24 hours to be trading at $0.09 currently. However, the Chiliz (CHZ) 24-hour trading volume, has increased by 3.59% to stand at  $25.98 million currently.  After battling the bear market last month, investors had anticipated that this was the month when Chiliz (CHZ) would start shooting up. The latest development has left many investors worried.

The last few day’s price chart of Chiliz (CHZ) shows that the coin is sliding into the bear market.  While Chiliz (CHZ) is battling the bear market that has engulfed the token, Sparklo has presented itself as an alternative. Chiliz (CHZ) investors have joined the Sparklo project to make profits. Sparklo is a project that has come to give investors hope. The SPRK token has already been projected to rise in value in the year. Crypto experts also think that the SPRK token’s value will rise to become the next blue chip crypto.

Find out more about the presale with the links below;

Click here to buy presale 

Check out the website 

Check out the telegram channel 

Disclosure: This is a sponsored press release. Please do your research before buying any cryptocurrency or investing in any projects. Read the full disclosure here.

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