Cumberland’s Crypto Exodus: Shiba Inu And Major Assets In The Spotlight


Lookonchain has uncovered recent significant withdrawals of popular cryptocurrencies, including Shiba Inu, from two major exchanges, Coinbase and Binance. The withdrawals were made by Cumberland, a prominent market maker in the cryptocurrency industry. This news comes amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny and shifting dynamics within the digital asset space.

Cumberland’s withdrawal from Coinbase involved a staggering 20,000 ETH (Ethereum) and 4,850 ETH from Binance. However, the withdrawals were not limited to Ethereum alone, as the market maker also withdrew various tokens, including AXS, SHIB, COMP, LINK, CRV, and AAVE. 

This strategic move by Cumberland indicates a potential repositioning strategy or a response to market conditions. Interestingly, this development follows Cumberland’s decision to halt trading on Firecoin. The reason behind this decision lies in the recent classification of Firecoin as a security token by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). 

By ceasing trading on Firecoin, Cumberland aims to adhere to regulatory guidelines and avoid any potential legal complications. Furthermore, the renowned blockchain analytics platform, Nansen, has provided data that sheds light on Cumberland’s recent financial activities. 

According to Nansen’s findings, Cumberland has withdrawn a staggering sum of over 23 million BUSD (Binance USD) from Binance in the past 24 hours alone. Impressively, all of these funds were subsequently transferred to Paxos, a stablecoin issuer and provider of cryptocurrency-related services.

This sudden surge of withdrawals and asset reallocation by Cumberland has attracted the attention of industry experts and market observers. 

Although the specific reasons for these actions are still uncertain, it is apparent that one significant factor contributing to Cumberland’s proactive approach in adjusting to the dynamic cryptocurrency market is the recent lawsuits filed by the SEC against both exchanges.

Nevertheless, the implications of these recent actions by Cumberland are yet to be fully understood, but they certainly highlight the ongoing dynamics and regulatory challenges faced by major players in the crypto space.

Declining SHIB Billionaire Holders Signal Profit-Taking and Market Shift

According to another eye-catching news, recent data shows that the number of billionaire holders of Shiba Inu (SHIB) is rapidly decreasing, indicating a loss of backbone for the cryptocurrency. Only 0.7% of SHIB holders can now be considered billionaires in SHIB terms. This decline in substantial holders signifies a prevailing trend of profit-taking in the SHIB market. 

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Interestingly, despite the decrease in the percentage of large SHIB holders, metrics like the seven-day change in large holders’ NetFlow show a different story, with a significant increase of +1,024.86%, suggesting heightened buying pressure. 

Although, the diminishing number of billionaire holders and the increasing trend of profit-taking signify a noteworthy shift in the dynamics of the SHIB market. While a small group of investors still holds substantial amounts of SHIB, many others are opting to secure profits, contributing to heightened market volatility.

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