Monero Price Prediction: Will Stacks Achieve Uwerx’s (WERX) Level Of Success?

The introduction of Uwerx will be great news for crypto investors who have gone through a barren time from the crypto winter of 2022 to this year. With Uwerx, many investors have a chance to recoup their losses or even make life-changing gains. 

Read on as we discuss the features of this new project, Uwerx, and highlight why analysts predict its success in the coin market. But first, let us look at price predictions for Monero (XMR) and Stacks (STX).

Monero (XMR): Offering Anonymity 

Monero (XMR) owes its prominence to its ability to offer absolute decentralization and privacy. Transactions on Monero (XMR) are untraceable even to financial regulators. The platform utilizes its Stealth Addresses, RingCT, and Ring Signatures to conceal the transaction amount, sender, and receiver. 

The project’s privacy ability has made it a favourite among traders who want to conduct transactions anonymously. It can offer anonymity because it is fungible. As such, every unit of Monero is similar and can be swapped with other units.  

Despite rumours that criminal minds use the platform to facilitate illegal transactions, traders still see a better future for Monero.

The project currently trades at $150.45. Experts believe it could reach an average price of $272.83 in 2024. 

Will Stacks (STX) Rise Soon?

After Binance announced its support for the hard fork and network upgrade of the Stacks (STX) network, it translated to many more investors wanting to buy Stacks (STX). As expected, this led to a slight price rise in Stacks.

This price increase has not remained the same as the past 24 hours saw the Stacks decrease by -5.11% in their current value. The project trades at $0.61 with a market cap of $844,904,226

Stacks (STX) recently announced the Indexer Startup program for developers. Analysts believe that it could reach $1.81 by the first quarter of next year.

Uwerx (WERX) Is Heading To The Top

After a widely successful first four presale stages, Uwerx is the most promising presale to be a part of right now.

The project has dazzled investors and developers, and it continues to impress. Uwerx’s presale success is mainly due to the agile methodology approach that the developers applied. With this technique, they unveiled the project in stages while making improvements.

The project is now in the fifth presale stage, and investors’ demands are rising.

Faced with these overwhelming demands, the Uwerx team increased the presale token allocation to 57% of the 750,000,000 tokens total supply. They also increased Uwerx’s launch price to $0.095 – $0.115 and allocated 72,500,000 tokens to the ongoing fifth presale stage. They also reduced the founding team’s token allocation to 7%. This last move shows the team’s commitment to the interest of its investors. 

In another show of commitment, the team will relinquish smart contract ownership when it lists on centralized exchanges. This will also prevent any rug pulls. SolidProof and InterFi Network have already audited Uwerx before the presale, showing the platform’s commitment to ensuring the safety of investors’ funds. 

Furthermore, the Uwerx team will soon place 25-year liquidity locking on developers’ tokens. The team had planned to initiate the lock after the presale, but a recent poll showed 82.8% of the community wanted it to happen during the ongoing presale.

Also, 98.2% of the community voted in another poll asking the team to conduct a Test Airdrop. This will verify that users entered the correct Receiving Wallet addresses.

Uwerx has announced the launch of the Alpha version of its platform. The platform currently features a Landing and Sign-Up page. The team will begin adding the Sign-In page, User Dashboard, Settings, Posting Jobs, Finding Jobs, and other features in the coming weeks. They will also start transitioning to the Beta version so that users can test the platform themselves. 

Due to their community-centric approach, Uwerx has released a dedicated email (feedba[email protected]) where users can send feedback on the platform.

Meanwhile, it has introduced the Uwerx Vault to its platform. This new feature will enable users to save their WERX tokens for a desired duration and earn rewards for using the Vault.

Considering that Uwerx currently boasts 5,546 sign-ups, 1,627 Twitter followers, and 1,456 Telegram members, we boldly say that Uwerx is heading to the top.

The WERX token trades at $0.041, and analysts predict it will surpass $2 by Q1 2024.

There is also a 15% bonus for every purchase of WERX tokens. However, the Uwerx team intends to reduce the bonus and introduce referral bonuses when the WERX token’s price rises again. 

Don’t sit on the fence; take advantage of the low price and purchase bonus to buy WERX tokens now. 

Follow the links below to learn more.

Presale | Telegram | Twitter | Website

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