WienerAI’s Trading Bot: The ChatGPT of Crypto – WienerAI Breaks $5.5M in Presale

WienerAI’s Trading Bot: The ChatGPT of Crypto – WienerAI Breaks $5.5M in Presale

One promising ERC-20 meme token has just announced several sneak peeks of its upcoming trading bot, and it riled up the community.

WienerAI ($WAI) released four screenshots on X showing how the upcoming ChatBot looks and works.

Similar to ChatGPT, the bot can hold extensive conversations about crypto. If you connect your wallet, it can also swap tokens automatically and recommend winning trades.

More than just a bot–WienerAI is your ultimate crypto trading companion.

We’re delighted to share some sneak peeks with our incredible and supportive community. (1/4)

— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) June 11, 2024

$WAI recently surpassed $5.5M during its presale, with a current token price of $0.000717 and a 205% staking APY.

The recent ASI Merger could propel AI projects to greater heights, which may benefit WienerAI as it nears the next price increase.

Let’s discuss why this is the case and whether WienerAI is a promising project for you.

WienerAI’s Trading Bot at a Glance – Swapping, Trading & Tracking

WienerAI’s promised AI trading bot is almost here. In a sneak peek post on X, the developers showcase the bot in action.

Consider WienerAI the ChatGPT of crypto.

Not only will the Bot find winning trades with unrivaled accuracy and give meaningful reasoning for its suggestions, but WienerAI is Swap-Enabled–meaning you don’t have to leave the App to place your trades. (3/4)

— WienerAI (@WienerDogAI) June 11, 2024

According to official info, this is what the chatbot can do:

  • Explain cryptocurrency concepts and educate you on the crypto space
  • Find winning trades and explain the reasoning behind its recommendations
  • Swap between tokens seamlessly without leaving the app
  • Track your positions and swap history

The bot has no trading fees and works across multiple DEXs. You can also personalize it according to your preferred trading strategy and brainstorm trading plans. Token holders also receive MEV protection for extra safety.

WienerAI’s trading bot will become available once the project is listed on exchanges.

While it’s unclear what GPT model it uses, it might use GPT-4 or a standalone model built by the developer team.

$WAI’s whitepaper promises a ‘new world where AI is synonymous with companionship and gains’ and a future where AI is both a friend and an assistant.

Given the recent influx of AI developments (like Apple Intelligence), it’s easy to see how WienerAI could receive more attention in the coming weeks.

AI Project Breaks Above $5.5M and Nears Next Price Increase

WienerAI has raised over $5.5M in just two months, and investor interest continues to grow. In the last week, investors have bought almost $100K worth of $WAI and staked over 25M tokens.

WienerAI transactions in the last week

Over 5B tokens have been staked to date with a 204% APY, and rewards are disbursed for every $ETH block mined.

💰 Investing $437 for 609,483 $WAI would lead to 1,852,828 $WAI in one year, equal to $1,328 at the current price of $0.000717.

According to our WienerAI price prediction, the token might reach $0.0045 by the end of 2024, a 535% increase from its current price.

Staking $WAI will lock the tokens during the presale. Depending on WienerAI’s vesting schedule (currently unknown), you will be able to withdraw them post-listing (plus the rewards).

To buy WienerAI, visit the official presale site, select a currency, connect your wallet, and confirm the transaction.

Verdict – Will WienerAI Become the Next Great AI Coin?

WienerAI’s milestone of $5.5M raised and upcoming AI trading chatbot should put the project into the investor spotlight.

The SingularityNET ASI merger could single-handedly make the $WAI presale a success, with enough community support and some luck.

Remember that the crypto industry is volatile, and meme coins are high-risk investments. DYOR and invest responsibly to make the most of them.

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