10 AI Crypto Coins To Buy Early For 2024!

In an age where technology leaps forward at lightning speed, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a pinnacle of innovation, especially when it meets blockchains and crypto coins! It’s not just a buzzword but the backbone of a new digital revolution. AI stretches beyond the realm of science fiction and into the fabric of our daily digital transactions. Imagine a world where your digital currency isn’t just a static asset but a smart one, capable of learning, growing, and optimizing your financial landscape.

This is the world of AI Crypto Coins, a frontier where the cerebral might of AI meets the trailblazing sphere of cryptocurrencies. As we explore this nexus of two cutting-edge technologies, we’re not just witnessing the future; we’re actively shaping it. Join us as we unravel the mystery and potential of AI in the cryptocurrency domain, a journey that’s as thrilling as it is intelligent.

What Is AI?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a branch of computer science focused on creating systems that can perform tasks typically requiring human intelligence. These tasks include learning, reasoning, problem-solving, understanding natural language, and perception.

AI systems are powered by algorithms, often using techniques like machine learning and deep learning, where a machine learns from large amounts of data to improve its performance over time. This learning can manifest in various applications, from simple tasks like filtering emails to complex ones like autonomous driving or diagnosing diseases.

AI’s goal is not just to mimic human intelligence but to optimize efficiency, accuracy, and speed in decision-making processes. As AI technology advances, it is becoming increasingly embedded in daily life. It reshapes industries, and raises important ethical and practical questions about the integration of intelligent machines in society.

What Are Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are digital or virtual forms of money that use cryptography for secure transactions. They operate on technology called blockchain, a decentralized system that records all transactions across numerous computers. This makes cryptocurrencies generally resistant to censorship or control by any single entity, unlike traditional currencies governed by governments or central banks.

Cryptocurrencies can be used to buy goods and services, though they’re also popular as investments. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009. Since then, thousands of alternatives, known as altcoins, have emerged. They often aim to provide more efficient or secure transactions and vary in their technology, usage, and acceptance.

What Is An AI Crypto Coin?

a stylized hypothetical picture of a robot

AI cryptocurrencies are tokens that serve as the currency within blockchain platforms that incorporate artificial intelligence (AGIx, Oasis Network, and so on). These tokens are essential for accessing and using the platforms. It allows users to benefit from the AI tools and services they offer. Essentially, the tokens power the ecosystem. This facilitates operations like smart contracts that execute automatically or decentralized applications (dApps) that use AI for various functions.

An AI Crypto Coin would also refer to a cryptocurrency that integrates AI into its functionality. This could mean that AI is used for automating trading, managing the blockchain, optimizing mining operations, or personalizing user experiences. These coins might also fund AI projects. Here, the blockchain tracks and verifies AI data or transactions. Or they are used within an AI-driven platform or ecosystem. The exact nature of an AI Crypto Coin can vary widely depending on the project’s goals and the technology employed.

Where To Buy AI Coins?

To buy AI coins or tokens, especially those associated with artificial intelligence projects in the cryptocurrency space, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Cryptocurrency Exchanges: The most common place to buy AI coins is on cryptocurrency exchanges. Platforms like Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, and others often list a variety of cryptocurrencies, including AI-focused tokens. You’ll need to create an account, complete any required KYC (Know Your Customer) processes. Then fund your account with fiat currency or another cryptocurrency.
  2. Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs): If the AI coin you’re interested in is not available on major exchanges, it might be listed on a decentralized exchange like Uniswap or SushiSwap. Here, you can swap another cryptocurrency (like Ethereum) directly for the AI coin.
  3. Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) or Token Sales: Sometimes, you can buy AI coins during their initial coin offering or a similar token sale event. This is often done through the project’s website. But please note, it requires due diligence as it involves higher risks.
  4. Crypto Wallets with Exchange Integration: Some crypto wallets have integrated exchanges or swap features that allow you to trade cryptocurrencies, including AI coins, within the wallet app.
  5. Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Platforms: These platforms allow you to buy AI coins directly from other people. However, they require caution as they often lack the security measures provided by centralized exchanges.

Remember, investing in cryptocurrencies, including AI coins, can be risky. It’s important to do thorough research on any coin or token before purchasing. One must understand the technology behind it, and only invest what you can afford to lose. Additionally, keep in mind the crypto regulatory environment in your country.

10 Best AI Cyptocurrencies You Need To Invest 2023-24


Fetch AI Crypto Coin logo, boasting a market cap of approximately $337.35 million, is a trailblazer in melding AI and machine learning with blockchain technology. This innovative platform is redefining the automation of business tasks. These include data processing and trading activities. Its native digital currency, FET, is essential for facilitating transactions on this advanced network.

At present, FET’s value stands at around $0.23, a decrease from its September 2021 peak of approximately $1.03. Despite these market shifts, remains a significant entity in the realm of technology-driven financial services, uniquely blending AI’s sophistication with blockchain’s robustness. This strategic combination ensures’s position as a key influencer in the dynamic landscape of modern digital solutions.

  • Matrix AI

AI Crypto Coin logo

Matrix AI Network, founded in 2016, stands out in the blockchain world with its team’s bold vision and unwavering dedication to innovation. The project has evolved from dreams to reality. It is continuously improving and pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Their journey began with Matrix 1.0, the first AI-optimized blockchain platform. This was designed to tackle common blockchain challenges like slow transaction speeds, security gaps, complexity, and resource wastage. It used the power of AI to create a functional, reliable public blockchain.

Now in its third iteration, Matrix 3.0, the project is pioneering a unique blend. The project fused neuroscience, AI, and blockchain technology—something rare in the blockchain space. This groundbreaking approach involves using EEG or brain signals to create Avatar Intelligence (AvI), a concept straight out of science fiction. They LITERALLY want to invent the “Matrix” from the movies.

The company envisions a future where human consciousness is integrated into the digital realm. Matrix AI Network is on its first phase of this ambitious journey, aiming to create digital avatars in the Metaverse that can perform tasks under user authorization. This opens up a world of possibilities for virtual existence and interaction.

  • SingularityNET (AGIx)

singularityNET AI Crypto Coin logo

SingularityNET (AGIX), with a substantial market cap of approximately $542.17 million, is redefining the AI landscape on the blockchain. This platform enables anyone to create, share, and monetize AI services. Users also host an internal marketplace where AI services can be accessed. This ecosystem is powered by its native cryptocurrency, “AGIX”.

It’s a haven for developers who can profit from their AI models and solutions without the need to develop full-fledged apps. Meanwhile it also provides a resource for other developers to incorporate these AI tools into their own apps.

Currently, AGIX is valued at around $0.17, a significant change from its peak in January 2018, which was about $1.59. This fluctuation highlights the dynamic nature of the crypto market. Particularly for innovative platforms like SingularityNET that bridge cutting-edge AI technology with blockchain’s decentralized ethos. This further offers a glimpse into the future of AI and cryptocurrency integration

  • Oasis Network

oasis network AI Crypto Coin logo

Oasis Network, underpinned by its native ROSE token, presents a revolutionary approach to blockchain with its decentralized layer 1 solution. It prioritizes confidentiality and Ethereum compatibility in smart contracts. This Layer 1 solution enhances the core blockchain protocol for scalability, setting Oasis Network apart in the blockchain arena.

It facilitates confidential, verifiable smart contracts, offering a privacy-first solution with low gas fees. The platform’s versatility and scalability, coupled with user-friendly development features, high staking rewards, and data monetization capabilities, make it an attractive choice for users and developers.

The architectural ingenuity of Oasis Network lies in its separation of consensus and execution into two distinct layers, enabling parallel execution of multiple ParaTimes for enhanced scalability and flexibility. The Consensus layer, managed by decentralized validator nodes, focuses on high-throughput and secure proof-of-stake consensus. In contrast, the ParaTime layer hosts various runtimes, each tailored to specific needs. This ensures that complex operations on one ParaTime don’t hinder simpler transactions on another. This unique structure, along with features like data tokenization and efficient discrepancy detection, positions Oasis Network as a pioneer in fostering a responsible data economy.

  • The Graph (GRT)

The Graph (GRT) AI Crypto Coin logo

The Graph emerges as a pivotal player in the blockchain arena. This is with its innovative data-indexing approach, specifically designed to streamline smart contract development. By aggregating data from multiple blockchains, The Graph offers a seamless gateway for developers to access vital information. This greatly simplifies the process of building new blockchain projects. Additionally, its capability to facilitate queries on the Ethereum network allows developers to craft APIs that collate specific information into sub-graphs. This also makes a potentially robust infrastructure within the crypto sector.

GRT, The Graph’s native cryptocurrency, is an ERC-20 token that has gained significant momentum, witnessing a 135% price increase since the beginning of 2023. This rise underscores The Graph’s importance as a time-saving tool for developers, enabling the efficient collection and utilization of blockchain data. As a result, The Graph positions itself not just as a technical innovator but also as a promising long-term investment in the rapidly evolving world of AI and cryptocurrency.

  • Cortex

Cortex AI Crypto Coin logo

Cortex (CTXC), boasting a market cap of around $48.19 million, stands at the forefront of merging blockchain with artificial intelligence. This platform uniquely allows users to upload and execute AI models. This also further integrates advanced AI into smart contracts and dApps.

Such innovation places Cortex as a significant contributor to the evolving blockchain technology landscape. This further expands the practical applications of AI in decentralized systems.

While CTXC saw its value peak at approximately $1.78 in May 2018, it currently trades at around $0.1445. This current valuation is distinct from its historical high. This also reflects the dynamic nature of the cryptocurrency market and underscores the evolving perception and utility of CTXC. As a harbinger of AI’s potential within blockchain, Cortex presents a compelling option for investors. Especially those keen on future-forward and technologically sophisticated digital assets.

  • Synthetix

synthetix AI Crypto Coin logo

Synthetix (SNX), currently priced at $2.65, has experienced a modest decrease of 0.84% in the past 24 hours. This brings its market capitalization to $862.83 million. This year alone, Synthetix has seen a significant surge of 84.31%. This reinforces its position in the DeFi sector as per CoinDesk’s Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS). Originating as Havven (HAV) in 2017, SNX evolved from a stablecoin issuer to a pioneering DeFi protocol. It also achieved an all-time high of $28.77 in February 2021 following notable venture capital investment.

The essence of Synthetix lies in its unique functionality: it allows the creation of “synthetic” assets. These are assets that enable investors to gain exposure to a variety of assets like gold, bitcoin, and euros without physical ownership. These synthetic assets, or ‘synths’, replicate the value of other assets. It offers the benefits without actual possession.

The SNX token is key to this process. This is because it is locked into smart contracts to mint new synths. Hence, it maintains the platform’s stability and rewarding users for their participation. This innovative approach, combined with strategic developments like the integration with Optimism, continues to position Synthetix as a significant player in the blockchain and DeFi space.

  • DeepBrain Chain

DeepBrain Chain AI Crypto Coin logo

Founded in November 2017, DeepBrain Chain ambitiously aims to revolutionize the AI industry by creating a distributed, high-performance computing network using blockchain technology. Positioned at the forefront of the 5G+AI era, this initiative is crucial in an age where artificial intelligence becomes increasingly ingrained in every facet of life.

The demand for computing power in AI, from ImageNet’s image recognition to the multimodal large-scale pre-training models, is skyrocketing, necessitating vast resources like thousands of GPUs for complex tasks like training GPT-3 or BERT language models. DeepBrain Chain’s vision is to democratize AI computing power. They want to make it more accessible and cost-efficient. This in turn may propel the rapid advancement of AI technology.

DeepBrain Chain’s approach to solving the AI industry’s computing power challenge is to leverage blockchain for an infinitely scalable, distributed computing network. This innovative strategy aims to meet the growing computational demands of AI, reducing costs while improving efficiency. By democratizing access to AI computing power, DeepBrain Chain hopes to accelerate the arrival of the AI era, making advanced AI technologies more attainable for researchers and developers worldwide.

  • Injective

injective AI Crypto Coin logo

Injective (INJ), an AI-based cryptocurrency project, is carving out a niche in the finance sector as a pioneering open-source layer-1 blockchain network. Known for its robust interoperability, it serves as a bedrock for the next generation of decentralized finance applications (dApps). Its standout feature is the seamless integration of AI technology, enabling AI-powered trading across various markets. This integration positions Injective as a versatile and forward-looking platform within the decentralized financial landscape.

At the core of Injective’s ecosystem is its native utility token, the Injective Token (INJ), which plays multiple critical roles. It not only facilitates governance and serves as a medium of exchange but also incentivizes active participation within the network. Token holders can leverage INJ for discounts on trading fees and access to diverse platform functionalities, including staking and voting. Injective’s commitment to leveraging Web3 and AI technology underscores its potential as a key player in the evolving world of decentralized finance. It offers users advanced trading strategies powered by AI, enhanced market efficiency, and increased financial accessibility.

  • Akash Network

Akash Network AI Crypto Coin logo

Akash Network is addressing the increasing global demand for computational power, particularly vital for AI and machine learning development. The rise of AI has led to a substantial surge in demand for GPUs, resulting in a worldwide shortage that not only hampers AI development but also risks centralizing AI advancements in the hands of a few large corporations and cloud providers. These entities, with access to substantial resources, are cornering the market on high-performance GPUs, leaving startups, researchers, and independent developers in a lurch, struggling to find the necessary compute resources.

In response, Akash Network has innovated the AI Supercloud, an open-source marketplace for high-density GPUs. This groundbreaking initiative allows anyone, anywhere, to access a diverse array of powerful GPUs for various AI tasks. The Akash GPU Testnet, developed by Overclock Labs, is a critical step in this journey. It offers over $100,000 in rewards for community participants engaging in tasks across four categories. This project goes beyond democratizing access to GPU resources. It also sets the stage for a more equitable and distributed future in AI development.

How To Buy AI Coins?

Just as with mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, numerous AI-based digital currencies are available for purchase on cryptocurrency trading platforms. These include websites such as and Coinbase.

To start trading, you must set up an account. This usually requires you to go through a process to confirm your identity. Next and then you’ll need to put in some conventional money, like dollars or euros. Once that’s done, you can find the specific AI crypto coin you’re interested in on the exchange’s website, decide how much you want to buy, and go ahead with the transaction.

How To Store AI Crypto?

The majority of trading platforms provide a complimentary wallet service for keeping your private and public keys—the essential codes required to conduct transactions with your cryptocurrency holdings. Alternatively, you have the option to keep your keys in a cold wallet, which is not connected to the internet.

Cold wallets are often considered safer than hot wallets, because they are less susceptible to cyber-attacks. Nevertheless, one should be cautious with cold wallets; if you misplace your access credentials, the offline nature of cold wallets means you won’t receive the kind of recovery assistance for regaining entry to your keys that an internet-based hot wallet service would offer.

Why You Should Invest In AI Crypto Coins?

The buzz around artificial intelligence has reached a fever pitch in 2023, particularly with the surge in popularity of advanced AI bots like ChatGPT. This burgeoning sector is racing ahead, with projections suggesting a staggering twentyfold increase by 2030, potentially reaching a nearly $2 trillion valuation, according to a Statista report. This momentum beckons investors to consider whether now is the opportune moment to delve into the realm of crypto AI tokens. With the global blockchain AI market also expected to swell to $934.45 million by 2026. The investment allure of AI cryptocurrencies is hard to ignore, considering their impressive compound annual growth rate of 24.9%.

AI-related cryptocurrencies not only offer investors a front-row seat to pioneering technologies but also the chance to ride the wave of their expansion from an early stage. This early adoption can lead to substantial gains as these technologies mature and integrate into broader markets. Take and Ocean Protocol, which have forged significant partnerships across various industries, underscoring the growing acceptance of AI tokens in mainstream ventures.

Reflecting on the high returns seen by tokens like The Graph and the explosive growth of projects like SingularityNET, which soared by nearly 1,300% in a single month, the potential for lucrative returns is tangible. Moreover, emerging AI projects such as yPredict, which leverages AI and machine learning to offer crypto trading insights, represent new opportunities with high growth prospects. Nonetheless, the volatile nature of this investment frontier dictates a cautious approach. With thorough research also being paramount for those looking to invest in AI cryptocurrencies.

Are AI Crypto Coins Safe?

The safety of AI crypto, like any cryptocurrency investment, depends on various factors including market volatility, regulatory developments, and the security of the underlying technology. AI cryptocurrencies, which are often at the intersection of cutting-edge artificial intelligence and blockchain technologies, present unique risks and opportunities.

The projects behind these cryptocurrencies may be prone to the same technical vulnerabilities as other digital assets. These include hacking or fraud, but they also face additional challenges specific to AI. Take the integrity of the data used for machine learning processes, for example. The safety of an investment in AI crypto also hinges on the credibility of the team behind the project, the practical utility of the token, and the transparency of the operation.

Investors should perform diligent research, understand the technology they’re investing in, and consider the project’s track record. While AI crypto assets have the potential for high returns, they are also subject to high risk. As with all investments, especially in the crypto space, there is no guarantee, and investors should only risk what they can afford to lose.

Future Of AI Coin

The future of AI crypto coins appears promising. They stand at the confluence of two transformative technological trends: blockchain and artificial intelligence. As AI continues to advance and find new applications across various sectors, AI crypto projects that can effectively harness this technology for improved blockchain functionality, smarter decentralized applications, and enhanced data analysis could see significant growth.

However, the path ahead is likely to be marked by volatility and regulatory challenges as the market matures. Investors and enthusiasts can expect a dynamic evolution, with the potential for both breakthrough success stories and cautionary tales, as the industry navigates the complex interplay of innovation, security, and market adoption.

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