Here’s How the Best Crypto Marketing Agencies Leverage Technology

With cryptocurrency becoming a widely accepted and developing trend in the financial world, various industries and professions have emerged due to its relevance.

These range from crypto marketing agencies that promote crypto projects to software and programs that make these marketing campaigns much easier and more effective and have also become prevalent.

To discover how the best crypto marketing agencies work, we must ask, What type of tools and technology makes a crypto marketing agency the best?

Tools of the Trade

Crypto marketing agencies promote cryptocurrencies to gain investors using tools, strategies, and knowledge about the crypto market. To boost their effectiveness, the best crypto marketing agencies utilize tools and software that help them.

These tools and software may vary depending on the strategy used. Here are the types of software and tools most crypto marketing agencies use.

SEO Research and Planning

With search engine algorithms dictating the type of article or content on the first page, Search engine optimization has become an essential practice in marketing to increase visibility and conversion rates.

To optimize content, the best crypto marketing agencies identify and insert specific keywords to ensure the content will land on the first page when the target audience searches for it.

The best crypto marketing agencies use premium tools to do this. But there are also free and highly effective software and platforms such as SEMRush and Google Keywords Planner.

Social Media Management

One of the simple strategies for promoting a crypto project is establishing and managing a single platform, such as a website or a social media page.

The best crypto marketing agency can create and increase its online presence through social media management. This is possible due to the large number of users, giving marketers a larger pool.

Social media management tools range from Buffer, an easy-to-use social scheduling tool, to Sendible, an all-around app for social media management.

Content Management

One of the ways to promote crypto, content management has become one of the most used tactics in crypto marketing.

An example of such a tactic is through a media blitz where the best crypto marketing agency uploads and publishes articles and other content to flood the advertising platforms to increase visibility and notoriety.

Tools for such strategy range from Squarespace and WordPress, both software considered as the best and leading website content management software in the market.

Email Delivery Platforms

Email is one of the most used means of communication in the professional world, and crypto marketing agencies have exploited this prevalence to reach a larger audience.

After all, email marketing campaigns can be customized for a specific number of groups, allowing agencies to target individuals using personalized email.

At the same time, some email marketing tools also feature email analytics to monitor the success rate of the email campaign.

Examples of such tools are MailChimp and EmailMeter, two of the leading email management software in the market.

Community Tools

Like any investment project, dedicated investors join together and create a community that can be based on a single or multiple platforms.

Through these platforms, investors can communicate with each other, share their opinions, and discuss news and trends.

Examples of such community platforms are Reddit and Discord. With Reddit, marketers can establish a Reddit page where their communities can post, comment, and chat. With Discord, communities could form channels for real-time communication with other investors and marketers.

PR and Media Outreach

When creating content such as articles, identifying the best outlet to post content is a critical practice. So, tools and databases for media outlets and platforms are essential for some marketing agencies.

An example of such a tool is Muckrack, where marketers can find a list of journalists, journalist websites, and other media outlets to identify potential partners, outlets, and content makers.


All in all, cryptocurrency emerged as one of the leading trends in the financial market. From this, crypto marketing agencies and marketing tools became relevant. To assist in making marketing campaigns more effective, the best crypto marketing agencies use different tools that fit the strategy/s they adopted.

These range from SEO Research and planning tools to optimizing your content. Social media, Email delivery, and content management tools allow the best crypto marketing agencies’ content to be personalized and viewed by a specific audience.

At the same time, community, PR, and Media outreach tools allow the best crypto marketing agencies to communicate with their community and reach out to other platforms and individuals.

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